Direct Response Email Marketing – Intelligent Selling at Its Best

These ‘hot prospects’ are different from casual visitors because they already have a desire to buy and simply need the right marketing message for the click through.

Boosts Sales:

When conducted properly, direct response email marketing boosts sales figures significantly.

Surveys show that prospects are twice as likely to buy from you if you contact them regularly through email.

Establishes Brand Identity:

An email newsletter that offers useful information is the best way to establish your credibility and expertise in your chosen niche. Strong credibility encourages customer loyalty.

A Definite Call For Action:

Email messages trigger quick responses from interested customers.

Personalized and Interactive:

Direct response email marketing messages offer a wonderful way of interacting with customers and prospects in a more personal way.

You may send the latest news regarding products, services, campaigns and any free offers in your emails.

You can even ask for responses that help you improve your services or products.

Healthy interaction helps you bond with your customers and build longstanding customer loyalty.

Scalable and measurable:

By evaluating click through and conversion rates of your messages, you can assess the demographics and buying decisions of consumers.

This helps you sharpen your marketing strategies further.

The single biggest aim of your messages is to improve click through rates.

Useful tips, humor and engaging content compel prospects to take the necessary action that the marketing message calls for.

If you can make your prospects look forward to your message and emails, clinching the sale becomes the logical next step.

The role of direct response email marketing is not limited to clinching sales alone.

These messages offer a channel of communication with your client base even long after the sale is made.

Direct Mail Advertising – Tips And Tricks to Success

Chances are you’ll probably end up using direct mail marketing to advertise your business. This form of marketing can also be effective but also expensive, especially if you don’t know how to make it work. That said, it’s strongly advised that you know the ins and outs about direct mail marketing before you begin.

Here are some things to remember.

Tips On How To Do Direct Mail Advertising

  • Usually, it takes around three to five pieces of direct mail to be sent before you can get a response from clients. Sometimes it even needs more mailing. To be able to get a higher response rate you should have a good list of clients that have a track record of buying products in your industry or whom you know have and existing interest on your products.
  • One tip in order to get a highly targeted direct mail advertising lists is to rent from a reputable broker and the list should have common elements like industry, occupation, location, etc..
  • When you already have a highly targeted list, start making your advertisement. See to it that the headline that you will use will hit the interest of your targeted clients. If you have good copy and a good headline, possibilities of getting 3% to 5% response rate will be achieved from a standard response rate of 1%.
  • Before you send your mail advertisement, do a poll or research to check on the things that are really appealing to your recipients. When you’re doing this the first time, this will be a trial and error process, but soon you’ll finally find out what your target audience would be most interested in.
  • In direct mail advertising it is recommended to use postcards rather than letters. With postcards you can send them easier, you will have the pleasure to writing less, you will also save money on printing. Postcards postage charges are also cheaper than letters so you can send them more often.
  • You should set up a tracking system for you to measure your response rate and to know every single inquiry on the mailer. With this system you will be able to determine whether the inquiries are coming from the first piece of mail advertisement, second piece, so on and so forth.
  • There should be a two-step sales process involved. This is by getting them first to ask questions by making an inquiry and from there, you should take over and drive them to close the sale.
  • Make sure that your direct mail advertisement is date sensitive. This means that you have to make your prospects to respond as soon as possible. Using promos with specific dates or discount coupons with expiry dates are some ways you can make them respond immediately.
  • Start the mail advertisement with just 500-1000 piece in order to give you a feel of the whole process. With this sample, you will know if there are things that need changes like your advertising copy or the list itself. If you are now happy with your response rate, go for bigger investment and more copies should be sent.

Direct mail advertising is an effective tool that you can use for advertising your products. You just have to learn how to maximize your returns and be smart enough in dealing with any issues that arise. By using the tips mentioned above, you’ll be better equipped to get the results you’re after.

Direct Marketing for Car Washes

Direct marketing and direct-mail work very well for carwashes, but often carwashes fail to understand that there are many types of direct-mail and it makes sense to explore other options rather than just sending out direct-mail packages to the top demographic in the local area.

For instance it makes sense to put a flyer for your car wash inside the Chamber of Commerce newsletter, which is mailed out to the businesses who are members, they all have cars and company vehicles too. It makes sense to send out mail out packages to business district zip codes for all small-business owners.

It makes sense to put flyers in the mailboxes at the real estate offices. It makes a lot of sense to co-op with other auto services and ask if you can put your car wash coupons inside the invoices for other auto service companies. Your carwash can reciprocate by putting other auto services and their brochures in your lobby.

Sending direct marketing, direct-mail and mail out packages through the U.S. mail has always been good for car wash business owners and it always brings in new customers and clientele and refreshes those previous customers who may not use the carwash on a regular basis. It makes sense to use direct marketing and direct-mail in car washes if you want to expand your business and continue to make a profit. Please consider this in 2006.